We at Afghan Logistics  take our clients, partners and Travelers privacy at heart and there is nothing more important to us than being responsible for the information that you share with us. As our culture is base on trust and honesty we appreciate the private nature of information you share with us. Our main objective is to plan the Afghan Adventure of your dreams and to do that we need to know how and what interest you by asking you questions about your trip. We at Afghan Logistics  adheres to the following Polices that have been put in place to protect and serve you:

  • When you provide us with your name and e-mail address or address for general inquires or for booking your trip with us, we store the information in our proprietary database. Unless you tell us to, we may send you occasional brochures or other information about our services that might be of interest to you. We do not trade, transfer or share any of your information with another organization, except for the purpose of billings to process your payments (Banks, Credit Card companies)
  • If you prefer not to receive any brochures or other information from us you may email us at and we will gladly honor your request.
  • Our servers collect date each time a user logs on our site The information collected is anonymous and we use this information such as numbers, frequency and duration of visits to each web page and is used to improve the navigability and content of our website.
  • Afghan Logistics  website may contain links to third party web sites. As these sites are not under our control, we cannot be held liable for the contents or service to any of these sites. We provide these links only as a convenience and do not participated in any referral program, nor do we endorse any of their programs (if applicable). If we are supporting an organization we will make it clear to all our travelers on how is Afghan Logistics  is involve on our website.
  • We do not partner or have special relationships with any ad server companies.
  • Afghan Logistics reserve the right to release information if asks by appropriate authorities to comply with the law or to protect the safety and integrity of our employees, users or others.
  • We may make changes to this policy periodically, which we will continue to post here, if you have any concerns about the privacy of your information, please contact us at the above given email address. We do not misuse the information you provide us and will honor any restrictive request you may have about your personal data.