Afghan Logistics  Pvt.Ltd (Afghan Logistics) terms & Conditions for Drivers

  1. Drivers must be polite, uniformed and disciplined.
  2. Drivers must keep his vehicle clean and make sure the vehicle is in a great physical condition.
  3. Drivers must have valid Afghanistan driving license and renew it before it expires, expiration of his driving license will result his job suspension.
  4. The drivers are not allowed to ask personal questions from passengers.
  5. The drivers are not allowed to ask tip from passengers, but passengers are allowed to tip the drivers by their own choice.
  6. Drivers must know how to use Afghan Logistics Driver’s App functions and preform his job as per Afghan Logistics driver’s App functions.
  7. The driver’s will be rated by passengers from 1 to 5 stars if the drivers get lower rates and the driver rating go below 4 stars the driver job will be suspended till he receives training from Afghan Logistics experts after training he will have a test if he past then can continue driving for Afghan Logistics.
  8. The drivers need to be very careful and safely drive if the drivers face an accident and the Afghanistan / Kabul Traffic police confirm that this was Afghan Logistics driver’s neglect that this accident happened the driver will be responsible to bear any cost or reasonability arise from this accident.
  9. If Afghan Logistics drivers drive safely and his car get hit by other drivers and the Afghanistan Traffic Police confirm that this accident happened due to other driver neglect Afghan Logistics driver will not be responsible for this accident or second party loss, Afghan Logistics will help its driver to solve the issue.
  10. Afghan Logistics driver must know and obey all Afghanistan traffic, and driving rules, regulations and road signs.
  11.  In case a passenger is old-aged or need support with his / her luggage Afghan Logistics driver must help him / her with the luggage.
  12. Afghan Logistics drivers must carry service dogs in case the passenger has one.
  13. Afghan Logistics drivers need to report any accident or issue to the main office in case he does not report the driver job will be suspended till he gives the logic explanations for that.
  14.  Most of Afghan Logistics clients / passengers are from international community in Afghanistan therefore Afghan Logistics drivers must have a little English language speaking and reading skills that he can communicate with passengers.
  15. In case a passenger is not polite or argue with driver the driver is not allowed to continue the argument the driver must remain silent and polite once the passenger arrived at final destination then the driver can report the issue to the main office managers then the main office managers will follow the issue with passenger and will notify the driver with the result.
  16. The drivers are not allowed to share any internal Afghan Logistics issues with passengers, such as salary etc.
  17. The drivers must give a strong reference for Afghan Logistics in order to be able to work with our company.
  18. One-month salary of the driver will remain with Afghan Logistics as a security deposit till end of his job with our company once he stopped working with our company his one-month security deposit will be refunded.
  19. The driver will receive his vehicle on good physical condition in the mornings before he starts the job and he must hand over the vehicle in same condition to manager on duty in the evenings in case he fails to hand over the vehicle for manager on duty at the end of his working day if any problem found to the vehicle that would be the driver responsibility to pay for and fix the issue.
  20.  A driver must have a clean background to be eligible to work with Afghanistan Logistics and need to report any cranial record if he has in the past in case he hide that while applying to work with Afghan Logistics, if it be found later on that this driver his a criminal background he will be fired immediately and his one month salary deposit will not be refunded Afghan Logistics get that deposit is a penalty fee.
  21. By signing up in Afghan Logistics driver’s application or working with Afghan Logistics you accepted all above terms and conditions.