Afghan Logistics Vehicle Rental & Taxi services Terms & Conditions for Costumers


 1. The client need to understand and respect Afghanistan’s Constitution, laws and culture while using Afghan Logistics, in case of violation of Afghanistan’s Constitution, laws and culture him/her will be responsible for any consequences.


2. The client will never carry unlicensed weapons, drugs or anything illegal while using Afghan Logistics vehicles.


3. If the client performs any criminal action in Afghan Logistics vehicles, he/she will be responsible and his/her case will be prosecuted under Afghanistan’s legal code.


4. The client needs to be polite with Afghan Logistics staff. If you have any comments, complaints and suggestions or any problem with our drivers, or other staff please contact directly the Afghan Logistics CEO Mr. Muqim Jamshady on 0798 44 22 11 or 0707 44 22 11.


5. The client should not leave expensive items in the vehicle and should check the vehicle before leaving to make sure nothing is forgotten in the vehicle.  In the case of losing something, Afghan Logistics is not responsible.


6. Better All bookings be done through our Application, our application you can  download our App from IOS and Android Link in here      the other option is through our web-based booking solutions at this link in case of any problem with your booking you can call our 24 hours dispatching services, the numbers are 0798 44 33 11 / 0777 44 33 11 / 0700 44 33 11 / 0786 44 33 11 or e-mail at and contracts need to be done by official e-mail to Please do not make urgent bookings by e-mail: when making a booking for which the service is required in less than 24 hours’ phone is the best option.


7. Bookings made through drivers are not valid and we will not be responsible for any bookings thus made.


8. The clients who have a postpaid account will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month and is required to pay his/her invoice within 7 days from the beginning of the month.

9. If the client wants to open a postpaid account, he/she can download our App from IOS or Android link her      fill out the form upload a copy of his/her passport, of Afghan ID, once account is verified and activated we can add credit to their account and they can use our taxi services conveniently and pay the invoice at the end of the month  payment could be done by banking transaction credit/debit card or cash . If the clients want to open an individual account or prepaid account that can easily be opened through our Application can be download from IOS or Android link here And follow the process an in case of any problem do not hesitate to contact us at any of these  numbers 0798 44 33 11 / 0777 44 33 11 / 0700 44 33 11 / 0786 44 33 11 or e-mail .

10. If the client wants to rent a car for the long term, on a monthly basis or longer, the client is required to bring a copy of his/her passport, one passport size photo and a letter of introduction from his/her organization to Afghan Logistics office, and a one-month refundable rental payment of the car will be collected from client as a deposit.  The client will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month, and the client should pay the rental payment of the car within 7 days from the beginning of each month, daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle bookings can be done through our App too.

11. For airport pick-ups and drops we have vehicles with permits to access the airport. If you want to go to the airport, please mention it when making the booking to ensure that we send a vehicle with an airport permit. If booking by e-mail please mention all the details of your flight, and you will receive a confirmation document within 24 hours. If booking by telephone call, please give all the information about your departure to our dispatcher and our driver will bring the confirmation document. If the service is not required the same day, please give your e-mail address to our dispatcher AND you will receive confirmation within 24 hours by e-mail for more convenience the airport pick up and drop off booking can be done through our App and this link too.

12. When the Afghan Logistics employ drivers or any other staff they are security vetted and we discuss with them whether the offered salary is enough for them or not and they confirm it is. Therefore, please do not discuss any job issues, wages or other employment conditions with our drivers or any Afghan Logistics staff.  Clients are not allowed to employ Afghan Logistics staff. If you have any employment vacancies the best source is the Employment Services Center and we can provide you with their contact details. Please also let us know if our staff discusses with you these issues.

13. If Afghan Logistics drivers or any staff misbehaves, if they are late, if they drive fast or they do not respect the Traffic Police rules and regulations, please call Afghan Logistics CEO on his above number, and rate them through our App  and leave a comment too this will help us that we can improve the quality of our services.

14. Rates estimate can easily be obtained through our App and this link for better understanding how much you will be charged even before you book the vehicle.

15. All B6 Armored Vehicle bookings can be made via our App and this link  or e-mail at least 24 hours before the service is needed a cancellation fee of US$ 100 will be applied to your account in case you cancel your booking after you made it.

16. You can book four type of vehicles through our App and this link the  type vehicles which you can book are Toyota Corolla, Toyota 4Runner,  Toyota Hi-Ace Van, and B6 Toyota Land Cruiser if you need any other type of vehicle or you have special enquiry feel free to call our 24/7 dispatch or e-mail us at below  given cell phone numbers and e-mail address and we will be more than happy to assist numbers 0798 44 33 11 / 0777 44 33 11 / 0700 44 33 11 / 0786 44 33 11 or e-mail .

17. The clients are allowed to tip drivers, but drivers are not allowed to ask for more money than given rates.

18. If the client books the car for a full day or long-term, the client need to give a one-hour hour lunch and prayer break at noon for the driver that driver can come to the Afghan Logistics office, or provide him with lunch and give him time for his prayer, at the client’s house or organization.

19. If an organization, embassy, company NGO, or representative of any country to Afghanistan, open an account for their staff with Afghan Logistics to use our taxi services they are responsible for violation of these terms and conditions by their staff.

20. If you need, extra services, as translators, fixers, guides, security guards or any other logistical support within Afghanistan, please e-mail to and you will receive a reply within 24 hours. For more info about our company please visit .

By downloading our App or making an account with Afghan Logistics and using our taxi services you agreed to this terms and conditions.